Ukraine as Number One (UNO)
First of its kind invitation-only interactive training series to learn the funda­mentals of early-stage startup investing.
Kyiv & Online, October 11-14, 2021
Together with A-list investors and experts, you will explore the key principles involved in making investment decisions, structuring deals, working with founders, valuing startups, and successfully exiting.
Graduates and active participants in the UNO program will be invited to join eō Business Incubators early-stage investors network. Get a chance to be part of the select group invited to join eō's private Demo Days.
The UNO Innovation Award is a Pitch Competition organised in partnership with eō Business Incubators. Compete with fellow Ukrainian founders and win up to $8,000 for your business venture.
Interactive live-lectures
Access an early-stage investor club
UNO Innovation Award
Ukraine as Number One (UNO) is a first-of-its-kind invitation-only interactive training series that will introduce seed investors to the funda­mentals of early-stage startup investing.

Over the course of 9 interactive live-lectures, we will explore the key principles used by leading early-stage investors and VC investors in making investment decisions, structuring deals, working with founders, valuing startups, and successfully exiting.

The program is developed in partnership with Charles Whitehead, a Professor at Cornell University & Co-Founder of eō Business Incubators, the premier seed-stage mentor-driven incubator in Ukraine.
What is UNO?

Event Features
Our four-day event will feature an immersive interactive online experience
Interactive Discussions
18 Outstanding Speakers
Simultaneous Translation
Private Post-event Group Q&A session
21+ Hours of Content
Investment Opportunities
Startup Pitch Competition
Early-Stage Angel Investment Club
$8,000 Prize Pool
Our Partners
4 Days of Ideas and Connections
Here's a chance to participate in an unforgettable online gathering of professionals determined to play a key role in the emerging startup ecosystem in Ukraine. Each day of the four-day event will unfold as follows:
L0. Introduction: What to expect, and how to get started? What is the path to becoming a successful investor?

L1. Portfolio Anatomy: What makes a startup a good investment? Founders and coachability.

L2. Recognise and Sidestep Common Pitfalls
Day 1: Startup Fundamentals
Day 2: Deal Mastery
Day 3: The Art of Timing
L3. Deal Flow: Due diligence, intellectual property, business models.

L4. Valuation: Investment structures and staging, dilution.

L5. Mechanics. SAFEs and convertible notes, some common deal terms.
Day 4: Pitch Competition
The fourth day will conclude with a startup competition for the UNO Innovation Award.

The UNO Innovation Award is a Pitch Competition organised in partnership with eō Business Incubators, where 10 pre-selected Ukrainian startups will pitch their projects in front of a jury of UNO experts and eō mentors. All startups will receive feedback from the panel, and three winners will receive a cash prize along with a 3-hour strategy session with one or more of the mentors.
L6. Exit Strategies

L7. Pitfalls: An overview of legal and tax issues

L8. Ukraine's Markets: Where do we go from here?
Confirmed Speakers
Charles K. Whitehead
Cornell University / eō Business Incubators
Pavlo Kartashov
Ukrainian Startup Fund (USF)
Coming soon
Entrepreneur turned Angel
Coming soon
Former Executive at a
Multinational Tech Company turned Angel
Coming soon
Founder and CEO at
the Leading PE Firm
Coming soon
Partner at one of the
Most Successful Silicon Valley VC Firms
Why participate?
DEVELOP better understanding of the startup investing process and engage in an interactive dialogue with experts in the field.

ENGAGE with early-stage investors, venture capitalists, serial entrepreneurs, and other experts who will help you become a better investor.

HEAR shared insights on how to deliver value for entrepreneurs and contribute to the team's success.

LEARN from experts on how to build your investor profile and industry presence.

CREATE an investment framework that fits with your expertise and will guide you through your first investments, step by step.
$8k Prize Fund
Investment Opportunities
Media Attention
UNO Startup Competition
Contest of the best early stage startups in Ukraine with experienced global jury members and $8k prize fund

If you are an advisor or aspiring investor who wants to expand your contacts while learning the key principles involved in making investment decisions from experienced, professional investors, this pass is for you.

- Access to all event platform features.
- All UNO lectures and workshops.
- Attend UNO Startup Competition.
- Access to Networking area.
- Unlimited access to on-demand content.
Advisor £300
If you are a Founder of an early-stage startup who wants to learn more about the benchmarks that investors use to evaluate startups, this pass is for you.

- Access to event platform.
- UNO lectures and workshops.

*Ticket is subject to approval. Only apply for this ticket if you are a Ukraine-based startup.
Startup free*
Looking for your next early-stage unicorn? Want to be part of the growing group of sophisticated investors targeting Ukrainian startups? Then the Investor Pro Pass is for you.

All features of Advisor Pass, plus:
- Invitation to a private post-event group Q&A session with UNO speakers.
- A chance to attend private Demo Days hosted by eō Business Incubators for an opportunity to invest in rising startups (subject to approval).
Investor £500
About eō Business Incubators
Ukraine's premier seed stage mentor-driven incubation program.

At its core, eō is an intensive 4-month curriculum designed to support technologists and entrepreneurs in launching and scaling their industry-changing technology business. The program is aimed at startups at all stages of development. The only condition is that they must be Ukrainian. Participating startups develop a full range of "hard" and "soft" technologies, including IT-oriented technologies, as well as technologies developed across all industries.

Total implied valuation of all of eō graduates in the past 15 months is >$25 million (excluding grants).

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